Variable Data Printing in Austin, TX

Sending out personalized marketing materials to each customer can be a powerful way to promote any new services or events. This is especially true for local businesses that wish to forge strong relationships with loyal customers. Variable data printing services make it possible for you to create personalized materials for each of your customers without breaking the budget.


This form of printing, done digitally, uses a database and special software to customize each individual piece. Although this form of printing is often used to change certain words on the material, the extent of customization possible through this method isnt limited to text. In fact, you can even choose to change the graphics based on an individual’s specific information on the database.

Through this type of printing service, you can even create custom data charts and graphs for each customer. This is especially helpful for those who wish to present well-designed reports.

Interested in this service but not sure about its applications? Allow us to share a few examples to inspire you:


Creating exclusive events and promos for your most loyal customers is one surefire way of creating interest in your shop. While you could simply blast emails to each address on your mailing list, why not send a physical invite to heighten that feeling of exclusivity? You could even print a special coupon on the card related to their past purchases or their preferences, if you have a record of them.

Custom Catalogs

  Just like the custom invitations, catalogs printed with variable data can feature things that appeal to the tastes of each individual customer. For example, if youre releasing an exclusive catalog of new products, you can print out a personalized first page of recommended items based on each customers past purchases.

Individual Reports

If your business is a service your customers subscribe to, you can easily print out individual reports to keep them up to speed with what your company is doing for them. Being proactive and giving helpful information fosters loyalty and helps build their confidence in your business.

Aside from helping you market to individual customers, variable data printing services will also help you save time and money by printing addresses directly on the piece. We can also send your materials out to customers as soon as theyre made, through our professional direct mailing services.

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